Confronting My Wife’s Killer

I have noted below and attached a letter sent to Samulindria Bhattacharya. This letter concerns his legalized manslaughter of my wife Leanne and the legalized cover up staged by the management of Rockford Memorial Hospital and this Bhattacharya (13) hours after Leanne was eliminated.

Leanne just happens to be one of the millions of people killed in recent years due to medical error, malpractice, negligence, carelessness, incompetence and flat out arrogance of many medical professionals.

“One in Three” people who enter a US Medical Clinic are harmed or killed and the real number of avoidable death due to medical error is 1,000,000 plus per year. The medical industry is a 2.8 Trillion Dollar business that has used its astronomical profits to buy congress, all state and federal medical regulatory agencies as well as the justice system. As a result, the only people who have the authority and means to put a stop to all this needless pain, suffering and death are your members of congress and the senate. However, they have sold you out to the highest bidder and death by medical error will continue to be the number one cause of death in the U S this year and in the years to come.

Victims of medical error, malpractice, negligence, carelessness, incompetence and arrogance of today’s medical professional have no voice, no civil liberties, no rights, no place to turn and absolutely no justice in this alien country we have allowed to form around us. Thus, the only protection you have to avoid becoming the “One in Three” is to never, ever trust anyone in the medical profession. If you follow the eight steps I have noted in the Medical Malpractice Awareness website “Protect Your Family” page and linked here you just might have saved yours or a loved one’s life if you happen to need medical assistance.

In this country today, the only protection you have from becoming the “One in Three” is yourself. Do not allow your life to be destroyed by this 2.8 Trillion Dollar business that will pull out all stops to insure they are never made responsible or accountable for their actions along with the congress and senate who have sold us out in favor of their “Back Pockets” who support them.

Please help us help others avoid this man made hell and register with our national organization today. To do so just follow the link I have provided. Also, I beg anyone who is to read the letter to Samulindria Bhattacharya to pass it on to everyone you know and have them pass it on as well.

Everyone in this country has to understand they stand a very good chance of becoming another Leanne if they dare put their trust in today’s US Medical Industry.

Why have we citizens become spectators to our democracy and are allowing our once great country to implode around us. If you take exception to these comments you will find out for yourself what is really happening around you if it is your family member who becomes the next “One in Three”.

Dayton Smith, Jr.
Medical Malpractice Awareness


August 24, 2013

Samulindria Bhattacharya
Rockford Health Physicians
3401 N. Perryville Rd.
Rockford, IL  61114

Subject: Your 8/24/07 legalized manslaughter of Leanne & the cover up staged afterwards!!!

As a direct result of your negligence, carelessness, incompetence and flat out arrogance six years ago today I had to pull the life support of my 47 year old, 5’2”, 110 lb wife Leanne and watch her die for six hours. What made this experience far worse is I knew at the time of Leanne’s death on 8/24/07 that it had nothing to do with what ended up being endometrial cancer. Leanne’s death was the result of your intentional disregard of her life as chasing dollars was far more important than Leanne’s welfare.

You and Rockford Memorial accomplished your objective as you ran Leanne through your complete billing cycle and once this was exhausted you just left her to suffer terribly and die without ever receiving any treatment or pain control.

As you know, I have done everything humanly possible to make you responsible and accountable for your actions but have finally comes to terms with the fact that in this country today there is no such thing as a medical professional being accountable for their actions. I guess this helps explain why “one out of every three” people who walk through the door of a US Medical Facility are harmed or killed. It also helps explain why death by medical error, malpractice, negligence, carelessness and the flat out arrogance of many medical professionals like yourself is the number one cause of death in the US and the real number of people killed annually by doctors like you is north of 1,000,000 each and every year.

leanne025Leanne and I were like most people and were programmed to believe in today’s medical industry. Thus, on 7/12/07 Leanne entered a Rockford Memorial Hospital Clinic to have an issue she had experienced for the third time in two weeks checked. Since neither Leanne nor I had any clue as to what has happened to the US Medical Industry she placed her trust with this medical establishment and subsequently you. As a direct result of this trust Leanne was made to suffer terribly while you took her to her death.

No one will ever know the complete story as to how you killed Leanne as her medical file was destroyed (13) hours after Leanne was eliminated. This is when Rockford Memorial’s risk manager, Evelyn Pagan got involved and or-castrated the planned conspiracy of cover up not only involving you but your boss and close personal friend Phil Higgins, the head of physicians for Rockford Memorial.  This cover up involved withholding, destroying and re-writing Leanne’s medical records on 8/25/07. I believe this was done as Pagan understood that your medical industry has no standards, regulation, transparency or accountability. As a result, altering a patient’s medical records after you eliminate them is legal and can be done in the open with zero consequences. This has been made legal as it allows a doctor such as yourself to explain your brutal treatment of a human life with deceit, lies and perjury and then refer to the altered records to support it.

How sad it is to be told by the attorney representing Leanne prior to your, Pagan’s and Higgins’s depositions that I was not to show any emotion when each of you lied and perjured yourself as once Leanne’s records were altered this was the only option left. So here I am six years later still in this hell called civil litigation all because it was legal for you and Rockford Memorial to go into Leanne’s medical records and destroy them (13) hours after Leanne was made to take her last breath. I truly believe if Pagan would not have or-castrated this cover up even your 2.8 Trillion Dollar business could not have saved you and you would have ended up actually having to pay a price for Leanne’s flat out manslaughter.

The only good to come of your February, 2012 depositions is I was finally given the opportunity to fully understand how you killed Leanne. This came out when you were questioned about the 7/26/07 pathologist phone call to you. This is the doctor who read the biopsy of the growth in Leanne’s uterus and determined that it was cancerous. He also determined and told you in this phone call that Leanne’s cancer was very aggressive, poorly differentiated and she needed immediate treatment. I am sure this pathologist was concerned about Leanne’s welfare and called you to insure the critical nature of Leanne’s cancer did not fall between the cracks. How would he have known that you were the crack?

LeanneSo on 8/1/07 (7) days after the pathologist call to you Leanne had to call your clinic pleading for an appointment so she could get her issue treated. This resulted in the 8/2/07 appointment we had with you. So in this appointment, eight days after the pathologist phone call telling you Leanne needed immediate treatment you tell us the following and in essence guaranteed Leanne’s death.

  • Leanne endometrial cancer is not an emergency and you can go six months without treatment and nothing will change.
  • Leanne your cure will be a hysterectomy and on with your life.
  • There are some tiny nodules in the bottom of your lungs but these are of no real concern as a lot of people in the Midwest have these.
  • Rockford Memorial does not have the capability in oncology so I will have my nurse call UW Hospital in Madison, WI to set up an appointment to discuss how your cancer is to be treated. However, this appointment will be three to four weeks out as emergency cancer must come first.

After this appointment I told Leanne I had real bad vibes about you and suggested we seek another doctor. Leanne stated she trusted you and liked your staff and felt having a hysterectomy was not near as bad as it could have been. By the way, Pagan had you write in the altered 8/2/07 chart you dictated on 8/25/07 at 12:17 that you answered patient’s questions and husbands to. This allowing you the deceit and lies alluded to above and to be able to claim “you did not recollect” what was discussed in this 8/2/07 appointment during your depositions.

During the morning of 8/4/07 Leanne had already had her third non emergency cancer attack. This was the same number of attacks she had experienced over the two week period leading her to walk through the door of a Rockford Memorial Clinic. These attacks would take her to the floor curled up in a ball shaking in pain for 20 minutes to a half hour and then she would be fine. Having three of these attacks Saturday morning on 8/4/07 triggered my call to your clinic when I talked with the on call doctor Shah. I told Dr. Shah I did not think Leanne could make it three more weeks without treatment waiting for the appointment your nurse set up on 8/2/07 for 8/22/07 at UW Hospital. I also told Dr. Shah I did not think anyone understood the magnitude of Leanne’s pain and suffering and told her I was going to take Leanne to Mayo Clinic. Dr. Shah properly told me she had no knowledge of Leanne’s issue and did not have access to her charts. Thus, she asked me to hold off and she would have Dr. “B” (you) call me Monday morning on 8/6/07.

Pagan originally pulled this record along with the altered 8/6/07 phone record with you from Leanne’s medical file as the 8/4/07 conversation with Dr. Shah did not fit with your cover up. However, I confronted Pagan with this after I got Leanne’s medical records from your records department and these two records were missing. Pagan told me she had no idea why the complete set of medical records I was given did not include the 8/4 and 8/6/07 records as she just happened to have a copy sitting right in front of her. Thus, the only reason Pagan had to come clean is Dr. Shah was not part of your cover up and this could pose a real problem with your conspiracy if we were to talk with Dr. Shah.

So you did call me on 8/6/07 which was 12 days after the pathologist told you Leanne needed immediate treatment and I will never, ever forget what you told me and I quote “Dayton how many times do I have to tell you endometrial cancer is not an emergency it is 3.5 hours up to Mayo Clinic and 3.5 hours back and they will absolutely not admit Leanne as emergency cancer must come first she has to wait for her 8/22/07 appointment at UW Hospital”. I than asked you what could be done with Leanne’s terrible pain and suffering and you gave me your pain management program of “tell Leanne she only has to bear with it a couple more weeks”. Of course the altered 8/6/07 record Pagan had you re-write on 8/25/07 states “Talked PT, Vicaton Q4, 8/22”. So this record was written (13) hours after you eliminated Leanne to offer you the same defense as the altered 8/2/07 record of “I do not recollect”. How wonderful it must be to be part of a 2.8 Trillion Dollar Industry that can buy whatever laws are necessary to insure people like you are never made responsible or accountable for your actions.

After I hung up with you I told Leanne to pack up as I was taking her to Mayo Clinic. However, Leanne asked what you had said and decided she could follow your pain management program of “bear with it” a couple more weeks. Unfortunately, she did not quite make it to her first scheduled appointment to discuss how your non emergency cancer was to be treated as on 8/19/07 the very attacks she had entered Rockford Memorial Clinics to have resolved had escalated to one every single hour and this physically fit vibrant person who entered your death clinic on 7/12/07 after her third attack in two weeks was so weak she could not stand. Thus, I took her to the emergency room at UW Hospital but as the pathologist had warned you back on 7/26/07 it was too late and the tiny nodules you had stated were of no concern on 8/2/07 had exploded into her lungs and she was already dead. Thus, on 8/22/07 the vary day we had been looking so forward to as Leanne would find out when the treatment for your non emergency cancer was to start she was put into intensive care and died two days later.

Who gave you the right to play god with a human life. You knew beyond a shadow of doubt on 7/26/07 that Leanne desperately needed treatment or she would die and for whatever your reasons you ignored this and sent her to her death. Bhattacharya it was you who flat out killed Leanne on 8/24/07 and made her suffer terribly while doing so.

In the past six years I have learned a great deal about today’s medical business. I have learned your industry posts seven plus lobbyists to each member of congress and the senate, outspends all other lobbyists by a ratio of 4:1 and in the past few years has dumped 5.6 Billion dollars into the hands of congress and the senate. As a result of this investment, your medical industry has flat out bought congress, all state and federal medical regulatory agencies as well as the justice system. I have also learned your treatment of Leanne and the cover up staged afterwards is not an exception but the norm. You are the one 100% responsible for Leanne’s death but it is congress, the senate and president who are the cause. These government officials have sold us out in favor of power, politics and greed as well as their bulging back pockets. This is really why Leanne and millions of others have been killed by medical error, malpractice, negligence, carelessness and arrogance of doctors such as you.

Naturally, I relive this experience every single day but it really hits home on August 24th of each year. There is no getting over a person who made your loved one suffer terribly while taking them to their death based on trust. What you did to us is far, far, far worse than if Leanne would have been gunned down in an armed robbery or killed in a mass shouting. The people committing these crimes are actually made responsible and accountable for their actions where as you got a nice promotion two weeks after you killed Leanne for going along with the cover up staged by the management of Rockford Memorial. For political purposes our government officials get all worked up when a nut case kills 5, 10 or 20 people yet mum is the word for the 1,000,000 plus people killed each year by the medical industry.  This is what money can buy in the terribly screwed up society we have allowed to form around us.  I only have written you as it allows me to vent but more importantly it gives me the chance to publish Leanne’s and my experience so just maybe others will understand to never put their trust with a US medical professional.

In the past eight months I have developed a following of 750,000 people and believe it will exceed 1,000,000 by year end. As a result, I have created a means for victims of doctors like you to have just a little voice. Furthermore, since victims have no rights and cannot afford to out bid your medical industry to buy the laws from congress necessary to protect a human life from people like you we victims must invent a real justice system that actually has a moral bearing and can distinguish right versus wrong. This is vastly different from our present justice system created by attorney’s where facts have no meaning, right versus wrong does not exist and every case of medical malpractice is dealt with based on the pre-established agenda versus the actual merits of each individual malpractice case. This is why I and thousands more are made to defend the barbaric treatment of a loved one from the legalized cover ups and the deceit, lies and perjury that go hand in hand with a cover up like you and Rockford Memorial staged.

If Leanne and I would have had a clue as to what has happened to the US Medical Industry and there were doctors such as you out here we would have handled her medical issue in a totally different fashion and this alone could have saved her life.

What in the world is wrong with a society that would allow “one in three” people to be harmed or killed for walking through the door of a US medical Facility and a government who turns it’s back on all this needless pain, suffering and death in favor of their back pockets.

By the way, the first picture of Leanne imprinted within this is who she was 30 days prior to entering a Rockford Memorial Hospital Clinic. The second picture was taken of Leanne on 8/22/07 at 1:00 PM or the very first time we were to discuss how your non emergency cancer was to be treated. Bhattacharya you knew Leanne would end up in this picture on 7/26/07 after the pathologist called and warned you Leanne’s cancer was very aggressive, poorly differentiated and that she needed immediate treatment. As a result, Leanne’s death is not even negligent or careless it is flat out pre-meditated murder. However, that would be the case if we lived in a civil society that had a moral bearing and some form of a justice system. Unfortunately for Leanne and the millions more who have been killed in the past few years by doctors like you the society we live in has nothing to do with civil. It is about power, politics and greed and who has the most money to throw at our government officials in order to buy whatever influence and laws they need and your medical industry outspends all others by a ratio of 4:1 and this is the only reason you get a free pass for killing Leanne. You and Rockford Memorial are the ones who took Leanne from the first picture to the second without ever receiving any treatment or pain control and it was you who flat out killed her.

Dayton Smith, Jr.