MMA National Organization – Mission Statement


      “A national Organization of Medical Malpractice Victims” 

Medical Malpractice Awareness is a national organization of the victims of medical malpractice. Our task is to Educate, Spread the Word and Prevent this life altering experience from happening to others.

Mission Statement

The mission of Medical Malpractice Awareness is actually three fold.

Mission 1:

Inform millions of decent, unsuspecting and trusting Americans of the dangers to them or a loved one if they require the need of medical care from any type of medical facility within today’s US Medical Institution. People yet to be harmed must understand that at a minimum they or a loved one stand a one in three chance of being harmed or killed by placing any form of trust within today’s medical establishment. So mission one is communicating awareness with the objective of saving others from becoming just another one of the millions of Americans being harmed or killed by “avoidable” medical error. 

Mission 2:

Medical Malpractice Awareness has defined the cause and who is responsible for all this needless pain, suffering and death of us Americans and mission two is to face this source head on and force the hand of change. The source is congress, the senate and president of the United States. Our government officials have sold us out in favor of politics and a dollar and with the massive bureaucracy they have created they have taken away any and all rights of us victims and made it impossible for a victim to obtain any form of accountability or justice after one of their loved ones has been made to suffer and die due to “avoidable medical error” or in many cases flat out legalized manslaughter. Instead, we victims are left to deal with the ever ending trauma of rage, anger, grief and sorrow due to the recklessness, gross negligence or flat out stupidity on the part of today’s medical professionals. Thus, mission two is to spread the word and force our government officials to address this national crises.

Mission Three:

Our government officials have proven they do not have the desire, capability or will to attack this national crises at the core of the problem. Thus, mission three is for Medical Malpractice Awareness to address it for them. This is a national crises involving not only the health and welfare of us citizens but has jeopardized our civil liberties as well. Thus, we the victims are committed to addressing the core of this grave problem. To do this all present state and federal regulatory agencies have to be abolished and replaced with one National Agency composed of not only transparency but accountability. This new agency must be responsible for licensing, standards and regulations for all medical professionals and establishments. Furthermore, this new agency cannot be managed by any pharmaceutical executives, hospital administrators or attorneys. It has to be composed of “In the Trench Doctors”, victims and business professionals with a strong background in problem management and solution.

This is our mission and together it is imperative we do not deviate from this path. We have the proper moral bearing and have right on our side. Thus, our ultimate mission is to force right to prevail while saving the needless pain, suffering and death of millions more Americans.