The Deregulated Medical Industry of Today

No Standards, Transparency or Accountability.  You’re Life or a Loved Ones Could be in Danger.

I have documented a true life story, below, about Leanne Johnson and our experience as a result of putting our trust and faith in a US Medical Clinic. I believe Leanne would have wanted me to tell this story as she was a professional story teller and musician. As such, she wrote and told about a lot of true life experiences. Most of Leanne’s stories, the music and the Celtic Harp she played were to make people laugh and feel good about themselves and the society around them. How sad it is that I have been relegated to tell her last story and it is Leanne’s true death experience which I am made to tell.

At the time Leanne experienced the first indication there may be something wrong she was 47 years old, 5’2” and 110 lbs. Leanne ate right, exercised, never smoked and even went to the dentist every six months. Furthermore, both her grandmothers lived to their mid 90’s and her mom is in great physical condition.

I have to use the terrible suffering and barbaric death Leanne was made to endure to make it clear to anyone who may read this true story what could happen to them, a family member or a friend if they need medical care and enter the wrong medical establishment or, through the luck of the draw, end up with an incompetent, careless, negligent and arrogant doctor Leanne had the misfortune of placing her trust with.

Sense today’s medical industry is void of regulation and refuses to ever be accountable for their actions, if I impart anything with this story, it is the following.

  1. Never, ever trust anyone in the medical profession
  2. Assume every doctor you may deal with is too busy and your care and life are secondary to another agenda
  3. At a minimum question everything you are told and understand everything being done to you from a layman’s perspective.
  4. Do not let a doctor off the hook by trusting the medical license hanging on the wall. Without regulation, transparency and accountability it has virtually no meaning.
  5. If the doctor you are seeing does not like to be questioned, is arrogant and refuses to communicate your issue to your satisfaction get up and leave.
  6. The most important thing you can do is always get a second or third opinion if your issue is beyond a common cold.
  7. If the doctor you are seeing has an issue with second opinions, leave immediately and never go back
  8. If your issue is not an emergency research every hospital and / or doctor you plan on dealing with. If not satisfied, ask the doctors nurse to provide you with ten patient references that have used this doctor for symptoms relating to your issue.

If you take the time to read this true death story of Leanne’s it will be clear that if we understood what we may face by putting our trust in the hospital group and Doctor Leanne used there is a good chance she would be alive today. Do not allow you, a family member or friend to become just another statistic like Leanne and the other 99,999 people who died due to medical error that year.

We as a society have been programmed to believe that our medical industry and medical doctors are the pillar of professions. However, it is Leanne’s, mine and thousands upon thousands more experience that this is nothing more than a fallacy. In fact, today’s medical profession has no standards, regulation, transparency or accountability which ended up being the direct cause of Leanne’s death along with the other 99,999 people who died in her class of 2007 due to medical error. Moreover, 25% or 250,000 people a year in cure some form of medical error and out of these 250,000 10% or a 100,000 die annually as a direct result.

Think of the I Phone and what would happen to Apple if 25% of the I Phones being sold are defective and if 10% caused death by putting the phone to your ear. What other industry, other than our medical profession, can get by with an error defect ratio of 25% of which 10% are catastrophic.

Sense Leanne is nothing more than a 2007 statistic and I the victim of the medical industries’ refusal to take any form of responsibility or accountability for their actions; I would encourage anyone who may read this true death story to Google a wonderful doctor by the name Marty Makary. This surgeon has stepped away from the code of silence and has exposed everything us thousands upon thousands upon thousands of victims have experienced firsthand. He has written a book called “Unaccountable” and published a September, 2012 article in the Wall Street Journal called “How to Stop Hospitals From Killing Us”. This Wall Street Journal article is the source of the statistics mentioned above. In fact, Dr. Makary goes as far as equating death by medical error to four Jumbo Jets crashing every week, every week of the year killing all on board.

As my date sequenced summary will point out there is no form of standards or regulations imposed on this medical industry and they will stop at nothing to avoid ever having to be accountable for their actions. Furthermore, we have no state or federal regulatory agency, state or federal representatives, states attorney or any other form of recourse to obtain justice or do anything to improve on this accepted 25% defect ratio.

People are also programmed to believe that by filing and winning a civil litigation suite justice will be served. However, this also is a fallacy and nothing more than a contributing factor in the 2.5 people out of ten being harmed and the one out of ten who end up dead as a direct result of medical error.

Civil litigation’s only purpose is to compensate a victim for their pain and suffering and has no teeth and no way to cause accountability. Throwing an insurance under-writers check at the victim insures the medical professional and / or hospital group will never miss a beat or the next billing opportunity and the only people who will ever pay a price for their actions are the victims.

The only way justice could be served or improvements made to this disastrous profession and their accepted 25% defect ratio is if the people responsible are made to pay a real price for their actions and for whatever the reason, the medical industry is exempt from this.

In Leanne’s true death story I have recapped our experience in the following categories.

  1. 7/1/07 through 8/24/07 – Leanne’s issue and her experience while being taken to her death.
  2. 8/25/07 through 6/12/09 – The promise I made to Leanne on her death bed and what I call the pre-proof of the planned conspiracy of cover up or-castrated by the Risk Manager of the Hospital and involving the doctor who took Leanne to her death along with the management of this hospital.
  3. 6/13/09 through Present – The post proof of the legalized conspiracy of cover and the legalized perjury that has to go with it.

Leanne’s issue and her experience while being taken to her death:

  • 7/1/07 – Leanne experienced a terrible pain (attack) in her lower abdomen. This attack took her to the floor curled up in a ball shaking in pain for about 20 minutes than she was perfectly fine and we went swimming.
  • 7/8/07 – Leanne experienced her second attack just like the first one which also lasted about 20 minutes but we became a little concerned and decided that if she experienced a third instance, she would enter a medical clinic to have it checked.
  • 7/12/07 – Leanne got her third attack and entered a Rockford Memorial Clinic to have it checked. At the time Leanne and I were naive and actually believed this medical institution was in business to improve and safeguard the life of its patients. Never did we realize that the moment Leanne walked through this clinics door that any and all chance she may have had to fight what ended up to be endometrial (uterine) cancer would be taken away and her odds of survival reduced to zero.
  • 7/13/07 through 7/19/07 – Leanne was run from one specialist to another each running their own set of tests when I believe there was a good chance they had a pretty good idea what was wrong with Leanne the day she walked through Rockford Memorial’s door on 7/12/07. I believe this is what literally is called passing the buck from one to another as we had good Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.
  • 7/20/07 – Leanne’s terrible suffering and death became quarantined as she was put with an OB-GYN named Sumoulindra Bhattacharya who told her at the time she had a growth in her uterus which he had felt was a pal lop.
  • 7/24/07 – Sumoulindra Bhattacharya properly took a biopsy of this growth to insure it was a pal lop.
  • 7/25/07 – The attacks Leanne was getting were escalating as she was getting 3 or 4 a week so I called the clinic asking them to expedite her treatment as the pain when she had these attacks was unbearable.
  • 7/27/07 – Sumoulindra Bhattacharya called and we had an appointment with him. At this time he told us he had bad news as the biopsy ended up being cancerous and ordered Leanne to get a CT Scan and Chest X Ray. He further stated he nor Rockford Memorial had expertise in oncology so he gave us an option of three different hospitals but any treatment would be postponed for up to a month as all these hospitals were very busy. Also, he stated he would guide us and take care of setting up an appointment at the hospital Leanne decided on. At the time, Leanne and I were a little in shock and wanted to get out of there to digest this diagnosis and prepare a list of questions to have Bhattacharya address.
  • 8/1/07 – Leanne had not heard back from Bhattacharya regarding the CT Scan and Chest X Ray and the very attacks we had entered a Rockford Memorial Clinic after receiving the third one in two weeks were now daily. Thus, she called the clinic asking when she could get the appointment with Bhattacharya to discuss her treatment and his promise of the referral.
  • 8/2/07 – We had an appointment with Bhattacharya and went into this appointment loaded with questions and much concern about Leanne’s cancer. At this time Bhattacharya defused Leanne’s concern and sent her down a path of terrible suffering and death when he told us the following.
    • Endometrial cancer is not an emergency cancer and she could go six months without treatment and nothing would change.
  • Leanne’s cure would be a hysterectomy and on with her life.
  • There were some tiny nodules in the bottom of her lungs but these were of no major concern as a lot of people in the Mid West have these.
  • He would have his nurse call UW Hospital in Madison to arrange an appointment to discuss how her endometrial cancer was to be treated but it would be three or four weeks out as emergency cancer had to come first.
  • 8/2/07 – Bhattacharya’s nurse called UW Hospitals appointment clerk and set up Leanne’s initial appointment for 8/22/07 at 1:00 PM to discuss how they were going to treat Sumoulindra Bhattacharya’s non emergency cancer.
  • 8/4/07 – Leanne had her third attack in the morning and I became extremely concerned for my wife.  Thus I called the clinic and talked with a Dr. Shah as it was Saturday and she was the on call doctor. I told Dr. Shah I did not think Leanne could make it three more weeks without treatment. I told this doctor these attacks were unbearable and no one seemed to understand the gravity of these episodes. Dr. Shah told me to take Leanne to an emergency room but I told her the attacks only lasted 20 minutes to a half hour and afterwards she was fine. Thus, I told Dr. Shah I would take Leanne to the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Shah told me she did not have any knowledge of Leanne’s case or access to her records and told me she would have Dr. B call me on Monday morning.
  • 8/6/07 – Bhattacharya called me and this call insured Leanne’s terrible suffering and death. This is when Bhattacharya told me and I quote “Dayton, how many times do I have to tell you endometrial cancer is not an emergency. It is 3.5 hours up to Mayo Clinic and 3.5 hours back and they will absolutely not admit Leanne as emergency cancer must come first, she had to wait until her 8/22/07 appointment at UW Hospital”. At this time I asked Bhattacharya what could be done with the terrible suffering each one of these attacks caused Leanne and he gave us her pain management program or “tell Leanne she only has to bear with it a couple more weeks”.
  • 8/6/07 – After hanging up with Bhattacharya I told Leanne to pack it up as we were going to Mayo Clinic. Thus, she asked what this arrogant, self appointed god told me. Leanne bought into this guy and stated she liked and trusted him and she could bear with it a few more weeks.
  • 8/12/07 through 8/18/07 Leanne got what she thought was a bad cold which kept getting worse. She was so discouraged to get this cold as her cancer attacks continued to escalate and she was still trying to walk 3 or 4 miles a day and swim so she could maintain her strength for her hysterectomy.
  • 8/19/07 – Leanne started getting the attacks she entered this clinic on 7/12/07 to have resolved after her third one in two weeks every single hour. So this strong, vibrant person, when she entered this clinic, was so weak she could hardly walk. Thus, I told her to pack a bag as I was taking her to the emergency room at UW Hospital. Even than she wanted to wait for her 8/22/07 appointment as she did not think they would admit her based on what Bhattacharya had told us on 8/2 and 8/6/07.
  • 8/19/07 – UW Hospital took an oxygen measurement of her blood and Leanne became a real emergency so they took a chest X Ray and the bottom third of her lungs were white with endometrial cancer that had migrated to her lungs. At this time all I could think about was Bhattacharya telling us on 8/2/07 about the tiny nodules in the bottom of Leanne’s lungs that were of no concern.
  • 8/22/07 – The very day of the appointment Bhattacharya’s nurse set up with UW Hospital on 8/2/07 for 8/22/07 to discuss how they were going to treat his non emergency cancer Leanne was put into intensive care in a medical induced comma while they tried to get a culture sample to make sure the white in Leanne’s lungs was all cancer.
  • 8/24/07 – I was told Leanne could not sustain life and she would die without life support so I had to pull her life support and watch this strong, vibrant person on 7/12/07 when she entered a Rockford Memorial Clinic die for six hours without ever receiving treatment or any pain control other than Bhattacharya’s pain management of “tell Leanne to bear with it”. It was at this time I knew Leanne’s death had nothing to do with her cancer; it was caused by the total disregard of her life by the self imposed god Bhattacharya.

The promise I made to Leanne and the pre-proof of the planned conspiracy of cover up by Rockford Memorial Hospital.

  • 8/24/07 – When I crawled into Leanne’s death bed to tell her I had to pull her life support and she was going to die I told Leanne her death had nothing to do with her cancer. It was the direct result of the guy she had trusted and I would spend the rest of my life doing whatever I could to make this Sumoulindra Bhattacharya directly accountable for his actions. At the time I never realized there was no such thing as a doctor or hospital group ever having to be responsible or accountable for their actions.
  • 8/25/07 – First thing Saturday morning on 8/25/07 I called the clinic and left a message for Bhattacharya. I told them to tell him that Leanne had died and I held him directly responsible for this barbaric death. I further told him I had some resources and I would use every dime I had to make him accountable for his actions.
  • 9/5/07? – I took the picture of Leanne in intensive care at UW Hospital I had taken at 1:00 PM on 8/22/07 or the very time of her first appointment to discuss how Bhattacharya’s non emergency cancer was to be treated into the Rockford Memorial Clinic. On this picture I summarized how Bhattacharya made Leanne suffer so terribly while taking her to her death and told the receptionist to remind Bhattacharya that I would never stop in my pursuit of making him accountable for his actions. This was one week prior to receiving a copy of Leanne’s medical records.
  • 9/5/07 – Evelyn Pagan, Sr. Director of Risk Management called in the afternoon and wanted to meet with me.
  • 9/6/07 – I met with Pagan and she claimed she had not yet looked at Leanne’s medical records and if Rockford Memorial was responsible they would do whatever was right. She further asked me to hold off taking any action for six weeks while they looked into Leanne’s care. This was the first time I had been involved with today’s medical industry so I was still naive and I sort of believed this Pagan. Looking back, how many risk managers would meet with a distressed husband claiming a doctor killed his wife without first reviewing her medical records. That would be none including Pagan. Of course in her Sept., 2012 depositions she claimed this very same thing but that was just part of the legalized perjury I will explain below.
  • 9/14/07 – I received the first complete set of Leanne’s medical records from the records department.  The first thing I noticed is a record that had abnormal findings stamped on it. This was the 7/30/07 radiology report of the CT Scan and Chest X Ray Bhattacharya had Leanne undergo. I did not understand most of the report but I did understand the summary. It stated Leanne’s cancer had reached stage four and there were some tiny nodules in her lungs that had a good chance of being cancerous. So I went to the 8/2/07 chart for the appointment we had (see above) and it went on and on about how Bhattacharya did not want Leanne to suffer and would help her in any manner. When it came to his discussions with patient the chart states “answered patient’s questions and husbands too”. So I go from this chart to the 8/4/07 chart regarding the phone conversation I had with Dr. Shah (above) and it along with the 8/6/07 phone chart I had with Bhattacharya were not there and I knew at that moment the fix was on.
  • 9/17/07 – I called Pagan and told her about the 7/30/07 radiology report neither Leanne nor I knew anything about and accused her of pulling Leanne’s 8/4 and 8/6/07 records. I knew this was done as Dr. Shah was a third party and not part of Pagan’s cover up and I am sure she had hoped I did not recognize that these records were missing. Thus, Pagan told me she had no idea why these records were missing from Leanne’s file but just happened to have a copy in front of her and she would send me a new complete set of Leanne’s records. The one thing I had never noticed and did not realize was there were no records of Leanne’s appointments with Bhattacharya prior to the 7/24/07 biopsy he did. This biopsy was either the second or third time she had met with him. It was not until my depositions in December, 2011 that I realized these records were missing. This is when the hospital and doctors attorney, David Faulkner told me the first time Leanne saw Bhattacharya was on 7/24/07 but this is merely part of the legalized cover up. It was also this phone conversation Pagan asked if I was a risk to the doctor. This is when she told me she lived in Elgin and was called at home on Saturday morning 8/25/07 and told to report to work immediately as a result of the message I had left for Bhattacharya six or seven hours after Leanne was put in his body bag.
  • 10/5/07 – I received the second complete set of Leanne’s medical records this time from Pagan. Upon reviewing the 8/4 and 8/6/07 phone records it became very clear why Pagan pulled these records while or-castrating the legalized conspiracy of cover up. This was done after she was called to the clinic Saturday morning 8/25/07. This is still part of the pre-proof section of her planned cover up but I knew at the time why she pulled these records. The 8/4/07 Dr. Shah record properly documented our actual conversation (see 8/4/07 above) while Bhattacharya’s 8/6/07 phone record was re-written on 8/25/07 to say “talked PT, vicaton Q4, 8/22/07 (see 8/6/07 above).
  • 10/31/07 – Pagan set up a meeting with the senior staff of Rockford Memorial. Attending this meeting was the president of the medical staff, Dr. Vitally, the head of physicians, Dr. Phil Higgins, Pagan, the director of claims, Nancy Harvey and my three kids. Dr. Vitally started this meeting expressing her condolences with what happened to Leanne. Dr. Vitally than told me she was trying to start a palliative care program at Rockford Memorial and she asked if I would possibly do a DVD to help train doctors and this would be under Leanne’s name. Vitally claimed all the nurses were for this program but a lot of doctors were against it. This is when Higgins chirped in stating that a lot of doctors are control freaks and do not like second opinions. Thus, I got to the point and asked Higgins why Bhattacharya did not look at the 7/30/07 life threatening radiology report. Higgins stated he had met with Bhattacharya a few days prior and Bhattacharya assured him he did look at the report and had to improve on his communication skills. I took this that Leanne nor I were just not smart enough to understand what stage four cancer was. Higgins than told me Bhattacharya was in over his head but this experience would make him a better doctor. He further stated Leanne was already dead so why wreck the career of a young doctor. Anyhow, I realized this meeting had nothing to do with the treatment of Leanne as its sole purpose was an attempt to get me to sign off for any liability they had. The meeting ended promptly when Harvey told me Rockford Memorial and the insurance under-writer felt Rockford Memorial was not responsible or accountable in any manor for Leanne’s death as chances are she would have died anyway. In reality, Leanne was as good as dead on 7/12/07 or the day she entered a Rockford Memorial Clinic. If we would have only known what could happen to her and taken the eight precautions I have noted above I believe there is a good chance she would be with me today.
  • 11/15/07? – I met with a Rockford Policeman I knew and filed a police complaint of manslaughter on Bhattacharya. This went into January, 2008 when I met with the assistant police chief and head of detectives. He claimed the police wanted to pursue this but the states attorney refused to authorize it. This nice man told me I had to realize Rockford Memorial had 5,500 employees and the states attorney was an elected official.
  • 2/1/08? – I filed a complaint with the IL Dept. of Professional regulation against Bhattacharya and they took the case.
  • 5/1/08 – I met with the investigator, George Vosca and realized that this investigation and the IDPR was nothing more than an extension of the medical industry they are tasked to regulate. Vosca insinuated that Leanne’s lack of care was our fault as we could not decide on a medical hospital and refused to look at my claim Leanne’s records were altered after her death and Pagan was involved in the cover up.
  • 5/2/08 through 11/15/08 – I did everything humanly possible in my attempts to honor the final promise I made to Leanne. I created a website “The wrongful Death of an Angel” Met and talked with my state and federal representatives, wrote 50 letters, talked with every news outlet in Winnebago County and found out there is no one who wants anything to do with taking on the medical industry
  • 11/16/08 – The Il Dept. of Professional Regulation wrote me a letter and stated Bhattacharya was not negligent in any fashion and the case file would be sealed and never made available for public review.

The post proof of the legalized conspiracy of covert up and the legalized perjury that has to go with it:

  • 6/12/09 – My attorney, Greg Barrett called me and stated he had found something alarming but did not know how to tell me. I had told him along with the IDPR, my representatives and all the news media that Leanne’s records had to have been altered. Greg had told me his antenna was always up for this but the likely hood was remote. So on 6/12/09 even he was a little stunned. As he told me, he was getting ready to file the civil suit and was reviewing Leanne’s records for the 12th time and happened to notice something that bothered him terribly. He was looking at Leanne’s 8/2/07 medical record and noticed that it had been dictated on 8/25/07 at 12:17 PM which was 13 hours after Leanne was taken to her death. As it turned out the 7/27, 8/2 and 8/6/07 records were all dictated on 8/25/07 within ½ hour of each other. This coupled with the records pulled from Leanne’s file by Pagan was proof positive Leanne’s records were withheld, destroyed and re-wrote on 8/25/07.
  • 6/15/09? – Greg Barrett talked with the states attorney and this guy agreed Leanne’s records must have been changed but stated there was no law against this and would not pursue it at the criminal level where it belongs.
  • 6/16/09 through 2/4/10 – I retraced all my steps trying desperately to make these people accountable for what they not only did to Leanne but the cover up staged 13 hours after her death. However, there is absolutely no one in authority or the news media that will dare take on the legal representatives of the medical industry and 100% of all medical mal practice is relegated to civil litigation which, as I explained above, insures no doctor or hospital will ever be made accountable for their actions. This is exactly why today’s medical industry is allowed and has a 25% defect ratio of which  100,000 people die annually as a direct result of medical error.
  • 2/5/10 – Someone I had copied letters to had some pull with the IDPR and I got a letter from them that they had reopened Leanne’s case based on my accusations Leanne’s records had been altered.
  • 5/15/10 – I got another letter from the IDPR stating unless they had records immediately prior to death, upon death and after death there is no way to determine if Leanne’s records had been altered and if they were who would have done it.  They were able to write me what I call their “F” you letter even though the records they referred to had nothing to do with Leanne’s death as Bhattacharya had already made sure of it back on 8/2 and 8/6/07 and it was too late by the time I took her to UW Hospital. However, this department is representative of our tax dollars at work and they are allowed to write this letter after looking at Leanne’s Rockford Memorial charts for appointments on 7/27, 8/2 and 8/6/07 dictated one right after another on 8/25/07 and signed by Bhattacharya.
  • 5/16/10 through 12/30/11 – I continued to write many letters and talked with various news agencies but the medical industry literally has a death grip on everyone and will spend every penny they may have to insure no one questions their conduct or takes issue with their 25% defect ratio. How sad it should be for every decent person in this society to realize there life really has no meaning if pitted against the power and greed of this medical institution. Unfortunately, most will only realize this no different than Leanne and me and by this time it is way too late.
  • 12/13/11 – I was made to go through depositions and relive this story in depth but at least my depositions will be the only ones where a person’s word has any meaning under oath or not. The only thing I found out in these depositions is the attorney for the Hospital, Faulkner claimed the first time Bhattacharya saw Leanne was during the 7/24/07 biopsy. I guess the records of her appointments with Bhattacharya prior to 7/24 were destroyed within the legalized conspiracy of cover up no different than the original 7/27, 8/2 and 8/6/07 records.
  • 2/8/12 – Bhattacharya had his depositions and I will never recover from the planned lies he told which was expected as once Pagan or-castrated the planned cover up all that is left is the legalized perjury that goes with them. The one issue I learned due to the probing of my attorney, Greg Barrett was in regards to a 7/26/07 phone call Bhattacharya received. This call was from the pathologist and when asked why a pathologist would make a direct call when he did a full written summary Bhattacharya claimed he had no idea and we would have to ask the other doctor. Greg kept pursuing this and I found out than that the pathologist had read Leanne’s 7/24/07 biopsy of the growth in her Uterus and determined that Leanne’s cancer was very aggressive, poorly differentiated and her life was in danger without immediate treatment. I had spent the first 4 ½ years blaming this guy for not looking at the 7/30/07 radiology report and I find out this Bhattacharya knew beyond a shadow of doubt the severe nature of Leanne’s cancer on 7/26/07. Take another look at the 7/27, 8/1, 8/2, 8/4 and the 8/6/07 appointments Leanne and I had with this arrogant self appointed god. For whatever his reason Bhattacharya intent ally made Leanne suffer terribly and he was the direct cause of her death on 8/24/07. Leanne’s treatment has nothing to do with negligence or medical error; it is and has been about a guy who knew what he was doing while doing it and this resulted in death. I cannot think of anyone, doctor or not, who would mistreat a human life like Bhattacharya. What this guy did to Leanne is manslaughter in the first degree but that would only be if we lived in a civil society not one that buckles to the power and influence money can buy. If you have taken the time to follow this story take another look at Dr. Makary’s claim that the biggest problem with today’s medical industry is their lack of transparency or accountability. I will take this one step further and claim this is exactly what happens when there is so much money involved and this is why we the people desperately need state and federal representation that actually work for our best interest rather than the special interest groups and the money thrown about by the lobbyist. It is human nature to have greed and let money direct your actions and this is exactly why we need this industry to have some form of federal regulation. With what Dr. Makary points out and by imposing regulations and standards that protect a human life rather than ROI I believe the medial industries error ratio of 25% could be cut by 90%. The other thing I learned in these depositions is one of the reasons Leanne’s records were altered after her death to say nothing is this allows them to refer to these records and claim “I do not recollect” as a major part of their defense.
  • 9/12/12 and 10/11/12 – These were Pagan’s and Higgins depositions and I will not elaborate on these as they were a disgrace for every decent person who lives in this society. To think these people can lie at will under oath and get away with it is beyond comprehension for everyone around me who has not had to face this corruption directly.

Sorry for this book but it is imperative to me that anyone who has read Leanne’s last story understands what is happening around them and their life or that of a loved one appears to be secondary to the very industry we are trained to hold in high esteem.

Please insure you do not allow this to happen to you as your life or anyone’s should be more important than a dollar. Look what happened to Leanne and me by just entering a US Medical Clinic expecting them to do nothing more than their job.

Finally, the cost imposed on our Blue Cross Blue Cross Blue Shield to make Leanne suffer terribly while taking her to her death was about $75,000. Furthermore, this is just a drop in the bucket to what Faulkner will make defending this manslaughter and planned conspiracy of cover up. This does not even take into account the possible insurance under-writers payout. So Leanne’s barbaric death may end up costing the insurance under-writers millions and she is just one of the 250,000 people harmed due to medical error in 2007 alone. If we had a federal government that addressed these major issues at the core of the problem rather than throwing darts at the symptoms we not only could save thousands upon thousands of life’s but we would save multi billions of dollars in the cost of medical care.